Our projects

Our projects

Together for the Continuation of Schools

After three years of brutal conflict the majority of Yemeni schools are either destroyed or left behind in a very poor condition. In addition to the catastrophic security situation, there is a lack of teacher salaries as there is no longer a functioning state who can pay them. Teaching was thus reduced to a minimum or taken over by untrained teachers who misuse the schools to spread war propaganda.

We want to counter this fatal situation with our project “Together for the Continuation of Schools” by restarting schools in crowded areas and reinstating skilled teaching staff.

We will start with the two schools Al-Quairouan in Sanaa and Bait al-Hajri in Dhamar.

The both mixed schools together host a total of 1,547 pupils at the moment. To reinstall regular lessons, 44 teachers, 5 pedagogues and 12 administrators are needed.

For the continuation of those schools we need a monthly total of 5,000 Euro for our project – together, we can make it!

Basic Provision for Yemenite Familys 

Hayati Karamati e.V. was founded in 2017 under the impression of the acute human crisis in Yemen. Far away from the world’s public, countless Yemenis are struggling to survive because they lack daily necessities. This is precisely where we want to start: providing direct financial support to guarantee basic security for Yemeni families. Money is distributed directly through local partners.

Reconstruction Aid/ Cooperation with Clinics

In the medium term, we are planning projects to provide selective aid for reconstruction. Above all, the destruction of many clinics is firing up the crisis enormously – without the appropriate infrastructure, people have nothing to counter war injuries and the spreading cholera. However, this must be done step by step, because good preparation and solid financing are the basic elements for the implementation. You can support us here!

Enlightenment and raising awareness in Germany

In addition to working on specific projects, it is very important to us to raise awareness of the crisis in Yemen, which has so far taken place widely outside the world arena. Awareness needs insights and information – therefore we would like to create a platform with our homepage for those interested and interesting around the Yemen conflict. You will find everything about this in the section „Yemen“.